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Connect with chesscube for coaching

Posted by Vishwanath on Friday, May 20, 2011,
Hello everyone,

I thought of making a room to train you all and appoint coaches and make you all good in chess.

So i have created a room called " johncenaa's coaching cafe " where we can all talk about chess and learn it.

But the main problem is this room will not be visible to you all when you are in normal chesscube website, you can see my room through my website and my website is ---->> , you must click my website link and then click "ches...

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How to connect with chesscube for coaching..??

Posted by Vishwanath on Thursday, May 19, 2011,
Hello everyone ,i know you all suffers that how to connect to chesscube for coaching.

Please click "chess coaching" next to blog and log out from your old chesscube window and connect to this,(You cannot log in for 2 times) and click Rooms tab then see "johncenaa's coaching cafe" and come to that room..!!

Sorry for the inconvenience,till now that room is been personal room..:(


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